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July 2020
Colouring Sheet

It's summer time!

Download button for the June 2020, "summer is here!" colouring sheet.

June 2020
Colouring Sheet

Summer is here!

Download button for the June 2020, "summer is here!" colouring sheet.

June 2020
Colouring Sheet

Father's Day

May 2020
Colouring Sheet


May 2020
Colouring Sheet

Mother's Day

April 2020
Colouring Sheet

We're all in this together

March 2020
Colouring Sheet


February 2020
Colouring Sheet

St. Patrick's Day

January 2020
Colouring Sheet

New Year

How to "download the PDF and  print the colouring sheets"  instructions

Here are instructions on how to download and print the Travelling Crafts Lady's completely FREE monthly colouring sheets.

1. Find the colouring sheet that you would like to download. There are listed by most recently month at the top.

2. Click on the download icon. It's the dark green circle with the arrow in the centre. 

3. The browser should prompt you that the pdf is downloading and your computer will save it to the downloads folder.

5. Go to your downloads folder and find the pdf file that you just downloaded.

7. The easiest thing to do is drag or save the file to your desktop.

8. If you're on a Mac, open the file in the "Preview" application. Click on the top "File" menu and click on "Print" option. Ensure the printer setting is set to "fit to page".

If you're on a PC, once you drag or save the file on to your desktop. Right click, and click on the "print option on the pdf. Again, ensure the printer setting is set to "fit to page".

9. Once the pdf comes out of the printer, let the colouring begin!

You can use whatever you have to colour in these sheets. Such as pencil crayons, markers, crayons and even paint!

10. You're done! Great job!

If you're willing to share, I would love to see your coloured sheets!! Feel free to tag me on Instagram or facebook. Or you can even email them to me at

The Travelling   Crafts Lady

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