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Take a look at a sample storybook. All images are drawn by the Travelling Crafts Lady herself!

All custom storybook are titled: A Hero.


Text on the cover:

Title: A Hero
Written and Illustrated by The Travelling Crafts Lady

Description of the Cover:

The white background of the storybook has the title text is spelled with branches and some dark green leaves. The branches have a very light shadow behind them. 

The main characters such as the cartoon boy and two cartoon english bulldogs are on his left and right side. All characters are placed to the right side of the cover and they have a slight shadow behind them. 

The main boy character in the middle of the two bulldogs has short orange hair with two clumps of sticking out at the top his head and another clump sticking out at the top of his head. The young boy is holding a wooden walking stick and his wearing a dark sky blue cloak. He also has on a grey t-shirt with two dark grey patches of which you're able to see the stitches in black outlines. The boy is also wearing dark grey pants with brown high boots with black laces. He has a brown bag strapped across his left shoulder and the bag has a purple rolled up blanket attached to it.  

The english bulldog on the left side of the boy is a light brown female with floppy ears and has special markings on his head making her look like she has a mask on. She's stand on three legs with the front paw pointing in the left direction. The female bulldog also has while paws with most of her body being light brown. She has eyelashes indicating that she's a female and also smile on her face.

The english bulldog on the right side of the boy is a dark brown male also with floppy ears, is slightly bigger than the female bulldog and also has special markers on his head and body. His face markings also make him look like he's wearing a mask. This dog is sitting up right and you're able to see his two front white with dark brown markings and the dark brown circles on his left shoulder and part of his arm. The rest of his body and tail are dark brown.

Going diagonally across the page is the text "SAMPLE" to state that it's a sample page.


Dedication Page

Text on the dedication page:

Dedicated to my little hero, William James Carter.

Printed 2020

Description of the dedication page:

Underneath the dedication text is are three hearts. The heart in the middle is bigger and red. The other hearts are touching the bigger red heart and the two hears are small and white with black outlines.

Going diagonally across the page is a the text "SAMPLE" to state it's a sample page.

Page 2


Text on page 2:

There once was a young boy named William. He would often look to the stars for guidance, as he wanted to become a hero because he wanted to fell special.

Description of page 2:

The background is a night sky filled with white stars in many sizes. William, main character is standing on a grassy hill surrounded by yellow fireflies, purple flowers and tall blades of grass on either side of him. The boy is also wearing the dark sky blue cloak while holding his wooden walking stick in his right hand. We can't see William's face because his back is towards the reader.

Going diagonally across the page is a the text "SAMPLE" to state it's a sample page.

Page 3


Text on page 3:

One night  William had a dream about a hawk. She told him to go on a journey to find a witch and wizard. The dream hawk said that her friends would help guide him.

Description of page 3:

This page has a white background. On the top left corner of the text there are two silhouettes of hawks flying.

Page 4


Text on page 4:

No text

Description of page 4:

The background appears to be in a wooden cabin. William's dark sky blue cloak is hanging on top of his wooden walking stick. He's laying in a hay bed and has a big smile on his face. His purple blanket is on top of him while one of his arms is sticking out. William is wearing his grey shirt. There is a dream bubble appearing out of his head. In the big dream bubble, you can see a cream and brown coloured hawk talking to him. She's sitting down on both legs while her left wing is tucked in and her right wing is pointing strait ahead.

In the cabin, there is also William's bag by this head of his bed and pillow. You can also see his boot behind almost in the mid right side of the room.

Page 5


Text on page 5:

So William packed up his travel bag and went on his way.

Description of page 5:

This page only contains a stripe illustration of inside the wooden cabin. It has a white background with the text at the bottom of the image. You can see William packing his bag with an apple and water container for his journey. The bag is on a table top along with his purple blanket already rolled up and attached to his bag. The background you can see his walking sticking leaning up against the wall.

Page 6


Text on page 6:

When nightfall came William setup camp. Not long after he settled he heard a noise. It was a shy dog.

Description of page 6:

This page takes place outside at night in the woods. You can see the dark sky in the background with different brushes and long leafy plants. The shy english bulldog appears to be very shy and almost scared not able to look at William. You can tell the english bulldog is a girl due to her long eyelashes. She's also frowning while sitting. You can only see part of William's right leg, boot and his walking stick is in front it. 

Page 7


Text on page 7:

"Hello. My name is William", he said. The dog stared at the ground. "It's ok, I promise I won't hurt you. You're safe here." said William

"Hello... My... Name is... Gravi (pronounced "Gravy"). It's hard for me to talk to people. Could you help me with that?" she asked.

Description of page 7:

This page there is only a white background with William's head is on the left side and smiling and talking his to Gravi, the dog closed to the top section of the page.  Gravi's head is underneath the text looking very shy and almost scared. She's frowning and her eyes are down. 

End of preview

The Travelling   Crafts Lady

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