These wonderful quality embroidered patches pack come in a variety of shapes and vibrant colours. They are either sewn on, hot ironed or fabric glued to any piece of clothing or bag. You can attach these patches on to baseball caps, t-shirts, sweaters and even bags. They add a great flare of uniqueness whatever they're placed on. The embroidered patch pack are great for kids of any ages.


This emojis 3pcs embroidered patch pack comes with the following:

  • med smile face showing teeth
  • smile face showing tongue
  • "dead" face with "x"s for eyes
  • full set of "how to" and care instructions


There embroidered patches come in a variety of sizes, colours and quantities so that determines the difference in pricing.

Emojis 01 Embroidered Patches Pack E01-EPP07

SKU: E01-EPP07